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Thoughtless - Peter Nardi

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From the mind of Peter Nardi comes Thoughtless a mind-boggling, two deck triple whammy! The spectator names a card from a red deck. This is removed and placed aside. He takes out a blue deck that has been in his pocket all along and counts through the cards face up - sure enough, there are only 51 and the named card is missing. The card named from the red deck is turned over and it is the missing blue-backed card. The performer explains he was certain that it would be the one named as it was actually the only card in the red deck... He turns the red deck face-up and spreads it - it now consists of 51 blank-faced cards!

No force – the named card is different every time. No R&S and no deck switch – there really are 51 blank-faces in the red deck. No palming is required, Thoughtless is so easy to perform.

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Thoughtless - Peter Nardi 2010-01-14 02:44:02 LouMagic
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LouMagic Reviewed by LouMagic    January 14, 2010
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Packaging and Product Quality
First impression of the packaging is that it's a little cheap. While the packaging doesn't make the trick it may have helped prevented some of the problems I experienced with the product. To create such a visual illusion the product consist of a few gimmicks which two of my gimmicks came broken. Since the product was not purchased directly from Alakazam I had to manually repair them. The only negative experience with this wasn't so much the necessity to repair the product on my own, but Alakazam's support completely ignored me once they found out that I did not purchase the product from their website.

The trick is straight forward and simple to learn. It only requires a few steps. The hardest challenge you will face is coming up with creative patter. Experienced workers will be able to watch the DVD once and be ready to perform it in a few minutes. Amateur magicians should take a night or two before showing some friends. I spent 30 minutes practicing before my first performance. The trick requires one amateur level sleight of hand performed under misdirection that's already built into the trick.

The magic is very visual and leaves your guest stunned when completed.
In the real world you begin by "hypnotizing" your spectator and instructing them that while they will be making "free choices" you will be influencing their decisions. Next your spectator selects a red or a blue deck. Once they make their selection they choose a card from face up choices you provide them. After the selection is chosen the card remains face up on top of the deck in full view for the rest of the performance. The spectator then counts down the cards in the opposite deck only reaching a count of 51 - their card is missing from the deck. (This is the first "whammy".) Immediately after the count their selected card, which has been in full view this entire time, is turned over to reveal that its back is matching the deck of 51 cards. (Second "whammy"). The final "whammy" begins with you removing the hypnosis from your spectator and showing them that their only choice they ever had is the one they selected since all the cards in the original deck are completely blank.

Performance & Advertisement Flaws
While this is a visually stunning card trick it does present some flaws. The first being some slight misleading information in the advertising. The advertising leads on that there are no forces. While it is true there is no individual forced card, there are two forcing phases. The first is a Magician's force leads out the deck selection and the second is that the spectator is force to select 1 of 26 cards in the 52 card deck.
The second flaw is the way the trick ends. While the spectator can physically hold some of the blank cards during the last reveal, he cannot hold the entire deck. This presents a problem since after you reveal that all the cards are blank your spectator's natural reaction is a "let me see that" reaction. A way around this is presented on the disc which enables the spectator to hold some of the blank cards before the whole deck is revealed blank thus taking away the spectator’s need to grab all the cards, however you are still left vulnerable and have a sense of urgency to re-box the deck before your spectator's curiosity kicks in.
A third flaw is that the two decks can only be used for this trick. Card workers will need to carry a third deck with if they want to perform anything else besides Thoughtless.
The last flaw is that this trick was really designed for a one-on-one performance. I noticed with too many people some of the hidden features can be exposed. I typically will not perform this with more than two spectators at a given time.

Final Impression
Outside of having to repair two gimmicks, the trick feels solid and is fun to perform. This is a great illusion to corner someone with and make them feel like they just received their own personal show. I highly recommend working on a solid patter and finding a way to end the trick a little more comfortably. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional card worker I do not think you can go wrong with this product. Beginners will have a very visual and strong effect to perform right out of the box, and professionals will have a powerful effect to adapt to their style.

Usable, will perform often. Worth the money and time to learn.


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